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From Marshall speaker walls, a raw guitar sound, and a "plug and play" vibe, a high-powered show that takes you into the frenzy of 70s rock 'n' roll, that's what defines GUT'S.

Since 2017, GUT'S has been electrifying crowds with the sincerity of their energy, and following the release of their debut album "High as Noise", the doors to prestigious Swiss stages have opened for them: Sierre Blues, Venoge, Paillote, Corn Rock, and even the Rock Oz'Arènes festival.

GUT'S is an electric shot measured in watts and liters of sweat. That's rock 'n' roll!

It all started with the meeting of Benjy (rhythm guitar) and Luca (lead guitar) at school (in a story that almost ended with their hands). Meeting regularly in Luca's basement, they both shared their passion for rock and blues.

Then, the need to bring their passion to life took shape step by step, eventually forming the band that would be named GUT'S in 2017.

Meanwhile, Freddy (lead vocals) joined the band through a chance encounter that occurred at the first rehearsal in the basement where they were rehearsing at the time. Despite having no experience as a singer, he quickly proved himself, and the GUT'S adventure began for him.

Jonas (bass) joined the band in 2018 as a replacement but eventually became a permanent member, despite his passion for organs and blues.

Then in 2023, Yoann (drummer) joined the crew as well. Inspired by rock 'n' roll from a young age, possessing undeniable power, and extremely motivated, he dedicated himself wholeheartedly to be confident for the summer 2023 concerts, which turned out to be a great success.

Flashback to 2017: Ludo was the first drummer, who also participated in the recording of the first album "High as Noise" and accompanied the band for 3 years. Due to an opportunity that couldn't be refused, he left the group to be replaced by Lukas at the end of 2020. After 2 years with the band, Lukas eventually chose to leave the group at the end of 2022 to spend more time with his family.

Finally, GUT'S doesn't hide their influences from the legendary group AC/DC, but they aim to be the successors of that simple, powerful rock that resonates with all generations.




🔥2nd album : DIRTY SQUEEZE 🔥


🔥LIVE - 2023🔥

30 septembre • Base Bar, Lausanne

14 septembre • Paillote Festival 15th, Morges

9 septembre • Fête des vins, La Neuville

16 août •Venoge Festival, Penthaz

26 juillet • Magic Blues, Tessin

22 juillet • Festival de Trey, Trey

24 juin • Zica Bret, Bretigny-sur-Morrens

3 juin • Rally Moto •ANNULÉ

27 mai • Corn'Rock Festival, Cornaux NE

26 mai • BaseBar, Lausanne

18 mai • Fête de la Bière, Vevey

6 mai • Endurance de Bagnes, Valais •ANNULÉ

1 avril • Diablo'zik festival, Les Diablerets

4 mars • Villa Tacchini, Genève

🔥LIVE - 2022🔥

22 Octobre • Villa Tacchini, Genève •REPOUSSÉ

15 Octobre, Etoy •ANNULÉ

17 Septembre 21h30 • Sierre Blues Festival (coup de coeur 2022), Sierre

16 Septembre 23h • Coyote Festival, Yverdon

27 août • Alpes Bicker Festival, Anzère •ANNULÉ

13 août • BeRock Festival, Neuchâtel

10 août •Rock Oz'Arènes30th, Avenches

30 juillet • Kermess Braderie Aigle, Aigle

11 juin • Pin up's Gang Geneva Vintage Event, Ahtenaz Genève

9 juin •Sierre Blues Festival(Gagnant du concours), Sierre

13 mai • PickWick, Genève

6 mai • Base Bar, Lausanne

29 avril 21h40 • Just Rock Festival, Genève

21 février 8h30 • Interview Vertical Radio, Sion

12 février 16h30 • Demi final tremplin Bluse Rules Festival - Dr Gab's, Puidoux

15 janvier 21h30 • Coyote, Yverdon


2021 17 décembre • RedLine Radio Studio, Lausanne

2021 13 novembre • Les citrons masqués #2, Yverdon

2021 10 septembre • Just Rock, Genève •REPORTÉ

2021 21 août • Les citrons masqués, Yverdon

2021 30 juillet ou 31 juillet • Aigl'in Festival, Aigle •ANNULÉ

2021 10 juillet • Rock'n'truck Festival - Streaming, Perly-Certoux Genève

2021 5 juin • Les citrons masqués, Yverdon •REPORTÉ

2020 Septembre • Festy Charme, Vounetz

2020 Septembre • Aigl'in Festival, Aigle •ANNULÉ

2020 Août • Festival "Un rien d'étonnant" organisé par l'équipe du Rock Oz'Arènes, Avenches

2020 Janvier • Foire au disque (au CERM), Martigny

2019 Août • Meeting International VW Cox, Château-d'Oex

2019 Juin • Fête de la musique à Morges, Morges

2018 Octobre • Bouffon de la taverne, Genève • Demi finale du concours Music City Tour

2018 Août • Braderie d'Aigle, Aigle

2018 Mai • Concert privé pour l'association Rallye VW Cox

2018 Mai • Salle Du Terreau, Genève

2018 Mars • Carnaval de Morrens, Morrens

2018 Mars • Bouffon de la taverne, Genève • Concours Music City Tour

2018 Février • Carnaval de St-Maurice, St-Maurice

2017 Novembre • Foire de Brent, Brent

2017 Septembre • Charivari Festival, Chexbres

2017 Août • Bout d'Brousse Festival, Puidoux




Phone : +41 79 534 49 52

EMAIL : guts.rocks.swiss@gmail.com


Phone : +41 79 380 98 91

EMAIL : guts.rocks.tech@gmail.com